Why You Need a Seawall

Reasons For Building A Seawall On Your Property

If you live in a coastal town or city and want to protect your home from the ravages of the ocean, then seawalls Michigan may be for you. A seawall is a wall that protects land from water by shielding it with stone, sandbags, concrete blocks, or other materials. The idea behind them is simple: they prevent erosion and flooding. Seawalls can also provide privacy and security for homeowners who are looking to enhance their property value.

They can also be built to provide access to the beach, but this is often done by first building a bulkhead which can be considered an arm extending out from the seawall. Bulkheads are typically made of wood or concrete blocks and have openings that allow water into breaker troughs where it then drains back into body of water away from your property.

Seawalls Michigan

There are many different types of seawalls depending on their purpose including breakwaters, dikes, revetments, moles , sea walls proper (or quays), gabions , jetties , groynes , riprap revetments for shorelines subject to high energy wave action such as rocky coastlines. They also come in various strengths ranging from those designed for minor purposes like erosion prevention only to those that can resist major forces like tsunamis.

The primary purpose of a seawall is to protect land from water, but they also provide support for docks and other structures built out into the ocean. Seawalls are commonly used along waterfronts in low-elevation coastal zones where homes are present because these areas tend to be the most vulnerable when it comes to flooding caused by storms or hurricanes. They are sometimes even designed as fish breeders where aquatic life can thrive behind them.

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