Creating a Worthy Environment: Landscape Architecture

The Wonders of Landscape Architecture

It is hard to imagine a world without landscape architecture. Landscape architects are responsible for designing our beautiful cityscapes, parks, and gardens. They also design the wilderness areas of this planet that we need so badly in order to survive.

Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians and Mayans, used geometry to design their cities. They created beautiful irrigation systems that were able to support large populations of people with little water intake. As early as 1600 BC, ancient Egyptian farmers discovered how wind could be harnessed for energy production by creating windmills out of clay pots which are still in use today! These simple structures actually measure air speed by measuring the pressure inside a closed container. Have you ever seen these? They look almost exactly like an upside down flower pot without any flowers! To see one up close is absolutely amazing.

Landscape Architecture

Another great example, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is an ancient structure that has long been attributed to the Assyrian Queen Semiramis (circa 820 BC). It was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A marvel due to its unique design and advanced technology, it also required advanced irrigation systems in order for lush greenery to be planted on top of a 70-foot high platform!

Not to forget, landscape architects have been working on green roofs for a long time. The green roof concept was first introduced to the world in 1929, when Henry Vincent Hubbard published his book titled “What’s Wrong with Roof Gardening?” In it he describes how having plants and flowers on rooftops could benefit cities by regulating humidity, providing insulation from extreme temperatures, improving air quality while reducing sound levels!

Today you can enjoy walking through beautiful cityscapes thanks to landscape architecture that is designed around public space and pedestrian friendliness. For example: Barcelona has incorporated parks into its buildings throughout the entire city which makes residents happier but also more productive because fresh oxygen stimulates brain activity!

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