How To Avoid Injuries In A Bounce House

Bounce houses are a lot of fun. They’re also an amazing way to introduce kids to physical activity and help them burn off some extra energy. The bounce house rental Bradenton comes with its own set of risks, though. Little ones can get hurt by not following appropriate safety guidelines or using the equipment incorrectly.

Always have a safety inspection done before each party. If there are any visible repairs needed, they should be fixed right away.

Make sure the equipment is properly inflated and not overinflated (there shouldn’t be more than two or three pounds of pressure per square inch). This will help prevent the bounce house from ripping apart during use!

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Check for holes in seams – especially around kids’ favorite pieces like handles and pockets where toys may get stuck – before allowing children to enter the bouncer. Repair all tears or gaps immediately! Any hole that can fit an adult finger needs attention as soon as possible because it could lead to an injury if someone were to fall through it onto a hard surface below.

Ensure that the children who use your bounce houses are properly supervised at all times. This can be done by having a staff member sit inside with them, or by having an adult stand immediately next to it as they play on their own. Allowing multiple children in one house is not recommended because kids may get hurt if there’s ever a collision!

Kids under six years old should never climb onto a bounce house without supervision from an adult – even if they have been using this jumper for hours and seem well aware of how to go about playing safely on it – because according to statistics, many injuries happen when small children attempt tricks such as climbing up high over other jumpers’ heads, jumping off objects into the bouncer, or hanging from the safety handles.

Make sure that all children playing on bounce houses are wearing appropriate safety gear such as shoes with rubber soles to prevent slipping and falling in a crowded bouncer area. They should also have protective headgear if they plan on jumping very high off of a trampoline! Adults should never jump in them without being properly fitted for equipment too – even professionals can get hurt when using the wrong type of protection!